Day 1: Wake Up

Besides this, knowing the time, it is already the hour for you to wake up from sleep, for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. Romans 13:11 HCSB

This Scripture verse in Romans was the key focus during our Prayer and Praise evening last night. The message we heard was that it is now time to wake up and be alert. We need to be aware of what God is doing, be sensitive to His timing, and be ready to take on our part in His plan. If we do not wake up but instead remain in spiritual slumber we will miss out on a very significant time in church history. We are meant to be part of that plan.

Last week Sunday, God brought to us the message entitled, “Blessed to be a Blessing.” In that message we learned that there are approximately 6,000 unreached people groups in the world today. These are real people right now that still have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, that number is actually HALF of what it was 25 years ago.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:14, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

If you’re over the age of 25, then there are half the unreached as there were when you were born. If this rate continues then the promise of the whole world being reached with the gospel of the kingdom can actually happen within the lifetime of many people reading this right now. That is something worth waking up to!

for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.

The future completeness of God’s salvation is drawing nearer and the plans for its completion is accelerating. You are meant to be part of this plan. Being involved in this work and eternal purpose is the sole purpose of every follower of Jesus Christ. We cannot miss this. Jesus prayed that God would not take us out of the world. Instead, Jesus has sent us into the world (John 17:15-18) for the purpose of going and making disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:19).

The focus of this week of prayer and fasting is for the unreached. Let’s open our hearts in prayer for the Spirit of God to lead us and enable us to pray according to His will.

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that the unreached people groups can be reached with the Gospel.
  2. Pray that we will be awake and alert to God’s timing for our church.
  3. Ask God how He wants you to get involved in His plan of reaching the unreached for Jesus.


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