Day 2: Cord of Many Strands

A cord of three strands is not easily broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12b CSB

God began a work of enlarging, stretching, and lengthening our church last year (Isaiah 54:2), and this work is ongoing. However, this year is also a time of strengthening as we allow God to weave together relationships forged in prayer, fellowship, and service to His kingdom. This weaving together of Christ-centered relationships will form something like an unbreakable cord made up of many different strands, and you are one of these strands. Will you allow the Holy Spirit to weave you into this cord? It is a cord that ties together and holds firmly in place all that God has established in the foundation of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Over the many years, there have been a few strands connecting our church to the mission work of reaching the unreached in the Himalayas. But the time has come for more strands to be added to this cord. The time has come for more to get behind our missionaries in committed prayer and support. The time has come for more to be raised and equipped to join this work because the fulfillment of the gospel being preached in the whole world is upon us.

This week we focus our prayer points on the call that God has given to us as a church to go to the unreached people groups of the Himalayas for Christ.

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that the connection between our church and our missionaries in the Himalayas grow stronger.
  2. Pray for those in our church family who God is calling to join this important work. Pray that they will know with clarity God’s calling and respond with faith.
  3. Ask the Lord for wisdom on how He desires to utilize you to be a blessing to the nations. Spend some quiet time listening and making your heart available to His prompting.


One Response

  1. Hello,

    I am glad that I have come to the Nations in this season. It’s a blessing to join at an hour when the Lord is really stirring the hearts of those in your congregation to hit the pavement and see the Kingdom expanded in real ways. I am praying this week about what the Lord would like for me to do as I enter into the fold. How can I also be of service and be a blessing to the nations around the world and to the Nations within this new community.


    We praise You because You are so worthy. You are exceedingly good. Often times in our own smallness, we forget to look up and we lose an opportunity to respond in praise and exultation. Lord, let this hour be the one we use to respond properly and in sincere faith and worship. Your Name is the only name that heals, that restores, that transforms, and that saves. We call You Elohim. We call You Almighty. We call You Jehovah our Provider. We call You Raffa our Healer. You are all that we need and Lord more and more teach us how to crave after You. Open space in our hearts to delight in You. Let our treasure truly be meeting with You, talking with You, spending time reading Your Word, sharing with others, especially the untouched about Your goodness and love and power and mercy and plans to unveil Yourself to this world.

    Lord, I pray that this very week, this very night, and if I may be as bold to ask for even this very hour to alight upon the hearts of Your Children with the Nations Church and stir our hearts for the people of the Himalayas. Move in our thoughts to remove and ease every fear, every anxiety, every earthly tethered that would hinder our steps into the mission field. Move upon our hearts and bring a deep hunger to see those from every single tribe and tongue added to Your Kingdom. Let us not think of those living in the Himalayas as “those people, them, the ones over there,” but let us consider them as brothers and sisters not yet brought into our family. Lord, burn Your Word in our hearts that we move. That we not just build our own lives and dreams but that we sincerely desire, like Jesus, to be about the Father’s business. Lord, strengthen our resolve and excitement to grow Your Kingdom and hasten Your return through the preaching of the Gospel to all the ends of the earth.

    Lord God, I pray on behalf of Joe and Julie for wisdom to be added to them. I ask that You truly download know-how, skills, talents, specific wisdom laced information that as they prepare and as they go they will build with excellence and effectiveness. They will succeed where others have thought it impossible. They will advance into places truly as trailblazers through the guiding of Your Holy Spirit. Lord, fill them with joy that will strengthen every part still tickled by doubts or fears. Let your love reign and cast out every single fear and every single worry. Lord, let Your Love and absolute devotion to You empower them and saturate them. Lord, bring the finances quickly now so that striving never even enters their minds, never even is part of the process. Lord, let peace mark their steps. Let generosity assure them that You are in control and ordering their steps in Jesus’ name.

    Father, more and more speak to me as well and show me how to be a blessing. Use my words to bless and encourage. Use my talents and skills to build up and strengthen the body of Christ. Take my hands and make them Your own. Use my feet for surely I will chase You to the ends of the earth. Take all that I have and use it for Your kingdom. I add my faith to this community and only ask that You multiply and increase what I am able to offer. Lord, have your way! Do what only You can do. You have full access. Make these simple strands stronger than steel. Create roads and pathways into hearts that all may know Your goodness and love. in Jesus’ name I pray!

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