Children and Youth

Children of all ages are welcome to attend the service and participate in song worship together with their parents. Then during the sermon, younger children who are fourth grade and below are invited to attend the children’s class (except on Integrate Sundays). These younger children are also cared for during the Gatherings’ discussion and prayer time. Children who are fifth grade and above are invited to remain in the rest of the service to listen to the sermon, take notes, and also participate in the Gatherings’ discussion and prayer time.

We do not have a separate youth group at this time as we in general encourage older children to engage with and disciple the younger children. Youth are often included in the Gathering discussion and prayer time. See the first question above: “Can I bring my children to the in-person service when I visit?”. However, at Friday Family Night (FFN) the youth have their own discussion time. At least once a month, they also have their own activity time, separate from younger kids.

Yes, please attend with your whole family! We have a room to change diapers and nurse/feed your child. However, we do not have supervisory care for nursery age children. If you would like your toddler to attend the children’s class, we request a parent accompany them.

Integrate Sunday occurs on the first Sunday of every month. On this Sunday we do not have an organized children’s class. The sermon is designed to engage children and adults. In fact, we encourage quiet conversation during the sermon so that parents and adults (including those who do not have children!) can help engage the kids around them in the service. Parents, it may also be a good idea to bring a few supplies (colored pencils, paper, etc…) to the service.

Each Gathering is made up of different groups of people and meets in a variety of settings. So depending on those variables their experience may vary. However, many Gatherings have children and special provision is made for kids of all ages so they feel a sense of belonging in the church family. Their experience could consist of a simple lesson, craft, and/or video, but it always includes worship, reading the Bible, and prayer time together with the adults.

FFN is a parent/adult-led service that happens weekly on Friday nights from 6:00-8:00 p.m. We follow a curriculum called “The Gospel Project,” and every adult who is a part of FFN has access to this curriculum. This allows families to start the week off with reading the week’s passage, engaging in object/activity lessons, memorizing Scripture, and discussing age-appropriate questions about God’s Word together. Then on Friday night, we come together as a church family to review and deepen what everyone has learned in a group setting. Families commit to coming regularly, sharing roles, and encouraging each other in this God-given responsibility to raise the next generation to follow Jesus.

General + Gatherings

We believe the Bible makes it very clear that the Church is the body of Christ. In other words, the Church is the body of believers and not the venue in which we meet. To help clarify this we call our meeting place the “Church Training Center” (or CTC for short) after its intended purpose – a place to train and equip the Church to make disciples. So The Nations Church is who we are, and we meet often at the CTC to learn, grow, and serve together.

Before joining a Gathering, you can visit in-person at the CTC multiple times and even every week. We do, however, encourage you to visit a Gathering outside the CTC as this is the primary way to engage as a church to make disciples. The many Gatherings worship corporately a few times a month at the CTC on a rotating schedule. If you “Schedule A Visit,” you will be put in touch with our Gatherings Coordinator who will expertly guide you through your first visit.

After you “Schedule A Visit” and have experienced our corporate service at the CTC our Gathering Coordinator will help organize a visit with one of our Gatherings. Gatherings typically meet in homes but also in other meeting places as well. The designated Gathering Leader will then contact you directly with any other necessary details. At a Gathering you will experience a schedule similar to this:

09:30 a.m. Prepare & Fellowship
10:00 a.m. Opening prayer
10:05 a.m. Gathering-led worship
10:20 a.m. Bible Discovery
11:15 p.m. Closing prayer

No problem at all. This is an important decision, and we understand that it takes time to get to know a new community and consider what it’s going to take to make a commitment. We believe it is vital that every believer be a member of a local, life-giving church no matter where you are. As long as you are in the decision-making process of considering The Nations as your church home please take the time you need. Our Gathering Coordinator will touch base with you from time to time to check in and see if there is anything else we can do to assist with your decision. However, we do not encourage only attending church services indefinitely. If that is your hope or need at this time, we believe The Nations may not be the best fit with those hopes or needs.

Over four consecutive Sundays, this is a course designed to help you gain a clear vision of The Nations Church and how you can get involved with this vision God has given us. You will interact with God’s truths about the believer’s FREEDOM in Christ, STRENGTH through the power of the Holy Spirit, and God-given PURPOSE to fulfill for His kingdom. You will also be given the opportunity to become a member of The Nations Church so you can serve in one of our ministry teams and certain roles in the Gatherings. Check our “Events & Sign-ups” to see the next scheduled Growth Track. You can take Growth Track anytime before or after joining a Gathering.

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