Holy Spirit Alarm: A Call to Arms

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Discussion & Prayer Points:

Discuss these statements:

1. The Holy Spirit ‘alarm’ is clear and strong and demands a response from the Church because –

a. For many years the behavior of the Church has been in rebellion to God.

b. God is angry with the Church because it has not fulfilled the Great
 Commission of Jesus Christ – to go and make disciples of all nations…

c. God is concerned the devil is winning the battle against Him.

d. The Church must be awake to the spiritual state of the world and the fact that there are still billions of people living in spiritual darkness having never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. As you listened to the ‘Holy Spirit Alarm,’ what feelings did you experience AND what did you hear God saying to you personally?

3. We could discuss for a very long time why we think the Church needs such a strong wakeup call, but even if we discovered the true reasons it is quite possible nothing and no one would change. What will it take for the Church to move on from where it is now to fulfill the mandate of God? Who must take responsibility?


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