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Discussion & Prayer Points:

1. What did you hear today about Jesus, His disciples, and His Church? Did the Holy Spirit convict your heart of anything?

2. How do you feel about this next step within the Gatherings?

3. Pray that only the unshakeable things remain (Hebrews 12:26-27) and for the beginning of Bible Discovery on September 25th.


The Gatherings Bible Discovery

1. Connect

What are you thankful for? What has been challenging this week?

2. Read

Today, we will read and discuss (Bible Passage). Let’s take turns reading each verse.

3. Understand

Who has questions about the meaning of any words in the passage?

4. Remember

Let’s read it again. Keep in mind that afterwards we will try to memorize it!

5. Retell

Without looking, let’s work together to retell the passage from memory. What can you remember?

6. Review

Let’s look at the Bible again and see what we missed.

7. Discover

a. What does this story tell us about people?

b. If there is a God (if there are pre-believers), what does this story tell us about God or His relationship with people?

c. What other questions or comments do you have about this passage?

8. Apply

How is your heart responding to this passage? What is one step you can take to apply what you are learning?

9. Share

Who can you share with what you learned today?

10. Pray

Let’s pray together.


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