The Great Divorce: Until It Has Been Buried

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1. If Jesus didn’t save you, what kind of person would you still be? Consequently, what’s one quality of Jesus that you have now that you didn’t have then?

2. Read 2 Corinthians 7:10. How did Pam’s (the Motherly Ghost) grief produce death in her life? How might godly grief or sorrow look different in her case?

3. What were some of the reasons the Dark, Oily Ghost gives for not being ready to klll the lizard? Which ones do you relate to or what would add to the list?

4. Close your eyes and think about what image might best represent your “pet sin.” What new image does God want to give to you upon its death? Share with your group if you feel comfortable in doing so.

5. In prayer, praise God for each life-transforming aspect of the Gospel: Christ’s crucifixion, His burial, and His resurrection.


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